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Luxury Homes and Lifestyle in Biddeford, ME: a historic Maine oasis

Located just 15 miles south of Portland and 85 miles north of Boston, the town of Biddeford encompasses the distinct summer colonies of Biddeford Pool, Fortunes Rocks, Granite Point, and Hills Beach.  With almost 15 miles of Saco River water frontage and a coastline that runs through four different ocean villages, life in Biddeford surely revolves around the water.  Although facilities are somewhat limited in these villages, it is only a few miles away to the the town of Biddeford which is one of Maine’s most thriving commercial centers and offers everything one might need.  As the site of one of the first European settlements in the United States, Biddeford’s ocean resort communities are just miles from the Main Street Historic District and the Biddeford-Saco Mills Historic District, both of which are on the National Register of Historic Places.

Geography that makes for a calm lifestyle

Biddeford Pool is a large tidal lagoon bound by the Hill’s Beach peninsula to its north and Fletcher’s neck to its south, creating a small harbor known as “The Pool” that is navigable by boat and popular with sea kayakers during high tide and in which the water shifts to mudflats during low tide, with the exception of the deep mouth that is naturally dredged by the tidal currents known by locals as “The Gut”.  This small harbor is used by both vacationers and lobstermen.  Biddeford Pool proper is located at the end of the southern peninsula, and here you can play 9-holes at the Abanakee Golf Club, eat out at a locally owned seafood restaurant, or simply relax near the ocean.

Relaxation and wave sports

With a two mile stretch of flat and sandy beach between Biddeford Pool and Fortunes Rocks that faces the open Atlantic Ocean, Fortunes Rocks Beach offers plenty of room to surf, bodyboard, skimboard, and surf kayak.  The quiet, clean, and scenic beach is wide enough even at high tide to enjoy these recreations without interfering with those spending the day relaxing with their families participating in activities such as frisbee, beach soccer, swimming, shell and seaglass hunting, as well as those walking and jogging on the hard-packed sand.  The tidal pools at both ends of the beach are favorites among those with young children, and lifeguards are on duty in the summer to keep an eye on everyone’s safety.

Calm coves and private beaches

Just south of Fortunes Rocks and north of Kennebunkport, homes in the coastal residential neighborhood of Granite Point offer access to a number of small sandy beaches and private coves.  Granite Point is perfect for young children as the inlets allow for calmer water and heightened privacy.  If you want your home to have ocean and marsh views as well as privacy and calm beaches, contact us so we can help you find the perfect Granite Point property in Biddeford.

Premier wildlife observation

Coastal biddeford is home to a number of birds and other wildlife.  The pool is surrounded by the tall sprouting grass of the salt marshes, and like most intertidal areas in the world, it is known particularly for harboring a wide array of migrating birds.  The easternmost point in York County, located past Fletcher’s neck is known as East Point.  East Point is home to the 30-acre East Point Sanctuary that is preserved and protected by the Maine Audubon Society.  This site is a bird sanctuary that is regarded as one of the foremost and prime birdwatching locations in the coastal northeast.  Biddeford’s bordered to the south by the mouth of the Little River and to the North by the mouth of the Saco River, both of which are intertidal areas where birdwatching is also common.

Biddeford, ME Real Estate:

Take the narrow and twisting roads to the homes in the village of Biddeford Pool.  Corresponding to the village’s post office, market, restaurant, and yacht club, homes here mirror the characteristics of the village: small yet elegant, old but well-kept, and just the right size.  Many have plaques dating back to the 19th century with porches facing the roads instead of the water.  Homes here allow for those to practice the relaxing lifestyle without forgetting the area’s rich history.  Further outside the village en route to East Point are wide estates sprawled along the road, nestled in the golf course, and along the crashing rocks of the ocean.  Here there is a healthy mix of new construction and old cottages.  The sandy shores of Fortunes Rocks and Hills Beach are lined with many recently built or renovated homes.  These homes are often tall and built with many windows, decks, and porches to capitalize on the pristine views of the beach and ocean.  These modern homes coexist beautifully with the well-maintained older wooden-shingle Capes.

If anything about the lifestyle of this stunning and historic town appeals to you, contact us so we can help you start your Maine Real Estate search.  Browse Biddeford, ME homes for sale.

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