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I grew up in York, Maine as the youngest of three boys where I attended school and was involved in golf, snowboarding, and baseball. As a child I was always drawn to science and the physical world. With two older brothers, I pushed myself to keep up. This zest for learning and growing in unison with my family has never left me. When I was in middle school my father sold his business and became a stay at home dad. Because of this, we focused our summers spending time on the water and in the woods, exploring the natural world. Although I’ve migrated north, my love for the water and mountains has kept me close to both in all that the MidCoast of Maine has to offer. I have a bachelor's degree in Marine Sciences from the University of Maine and spent five years with Maine’s Department of Forestry Agriculture and Conservation. The time spent serving the State has provided me with well-versed knowledge of land use, property boundaries, soil types, tree species, shoreland interactions, and the ability to communicate a shared vision. In addition to my love of the woods, my degree in marine sciences from the University of Maine provides a deep and wonderful knowledge of the coastal environment. My attention to detail and desire to help others underscore my core values and capabilities as an agent. I am extremely passionate about working to create a shared vision with my clients as I believe the true success of buying or selling real estate is formed by clear and timely communication. I enjoy playing music, I have a deep passion for writing professionally and creatively, and I love to be on the water in my fishing boat. I am a golfer, a car enthusiast, and I am always in pursuit of more knowledge.

Why am I a peninsula specialist? It combines my knowledge of the land with my passion for the sea. It is a vast expanse of glacially formed coastline surrounded by water and pocketed with small villages teeming with artistry, charm, and history. It is Maine to its core. They are a colorful composition of community perched on the bold coast embracing the ever changing scenery that ebbs and flows with the tide. There is a richness there that resonates with people who call it home. I believe the extra mile is the most important. That is why I am drawn to the peninsulas - they are out of the way, and because of this they are hard to get to, and once you get a taste of the lifestyle, they are even harder to leave.

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Ryan MacGlashing

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