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Luxury Homes and Lifestyle in Harpswell, ME: where life on the Maine coast is just steps away

Just a short scenic ride from Portland, Harpswell is a coastal town in northern Casco Bay.  Only minutes from Bowdoin College in Brunswick and with such close proximity to Portland, Freeport, and the islands of Casco Bay, Harpswell is a saltwater environment that holds a serene way of life and a plethora of natural Maine beauty.  A great aspect about the town is that while you will never realize it when you are there, Harpswell is just a short boat ride or car ride from urban life.  With a year round population of approximately 5000, it’s no secret why the population surges in the summer months as it is popular with tourists and summer residents whom many of which are artists.

Peninsulas and islands with so much to offer

There is plenty to do in Harpswell.  Explore the coast by boat, kayak, or windjammer, or even try taking an ocean related tour or going fishing.  Do the same exploring on land by walking along the trails to view the pristine beaches, lighthouses, ocean views, and marinas.  Head downtown to find over 100 unique businesses including stores and gift shops, local artist galleries, restaurants, inns, historic museums, and much more.

Explore where Maine made world history

Once home to industries like farming, shipbuilding, and fishing, Harpswell’s abundance of scenic beauty has caused it to evolve into a community popular with tourists, artists, and seasonal residents. Originally inhabited by Abenaki Native Americans, Harpswell recently celebrated it’s 250th birthday and has a rich history that is encouraged to be explored. Visit the former summer home of Admiral Robert E. Perry, the Bowdoin alum and American explorer credited with discovering the geographic North Pole. Start at the new welcome center then venture to his home-turned-museum, where you can learn about the American hero and his admiration for Maine, Harpswell, and Eagle Island.  Eagle Island is a Maine State Park, a Maine Historic Site, and a National Historic site.  The Harpswell Historical Society is another destination you can visit that has preserved the important history of Harpswell.

Small town, infinite coastline

What makes Harpswell truly unique is that while the town itself is less than 25 square miles, the town has about 216 miles of coastline which is more than any other town in Maine.  The Harpswell coastline is made up of the town’s largest peninsula called Harpswell Neck, the three large islands of Sebascodegan, Orr’s, and Bailey which are connected by bridges, and more than 200 islands in Casco Bay that can be reached by boat.

Harpswell, ME real estate is luxurious and sumptuous.  With more than 20 percent of the total acreage of the town located within the Shoreland Zoning District, we can surely help you find a home with water frontage, water views, and/or water rights.  Ready to reside near the beautiful Maine coast? Browse Harpswell, ME homes for sale.

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