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Luxury Homes and Lifestyle in Damariscotta, ME: A Peaceful Riverside Life

In Damariscotta, life has always revolved around the water. This quaint town, about an hour north of Portland, is a popular destination for boating, fishing, and the delicious Pemaquid oysters and mussels that are harvested here. Native Americans left their mark of a thriving relationship with the river, with their heaping 2,500-year old oyster shell middens now preserved as a state historic site.Damariscotta is the Abenaki Indian word meaning, “river of many fishes.” Each May, alewives, or river-herring, return in droves from the sea to their birthplace in the clear river to spawn, and Great Salt Bay is North America’s northernmost mating area for horseshoe crabs as well as Maine’s first protected marine site.

Damariscotta, ME real estate: Homes of great elegance

Shipbuilding and brickyards brought great wealth to this area in the 1800s. In fact, most of the material used to construct Boston’s Back Bay area originated here. During the resultant economic boom, many elegant examples of Federal and Greek Revival architecture elevated the seaport to a popular tourist and second-home destination. House hunters can expect to find many of those sameDamariscotta, ME homes for sale today, maintained or restored to showcase original period details (with plenty of added modern touches).

Local or bust

Locally-owned department store Reny’s, which happily dubs itself “a Maine Adventure,” is the anchor of the downtown. The catch-all shopping experience opened its doors here in 1949 and has since expanded to 14 locations statewide. This community has officially come out in favor of small, local businesses over chains, with a huge majority voting against a corporate giant’s plan to open a super store in town. The town’s most popular local haunts include a natural foods co-op, several seafood restaurants,the Lincoln Theater, and the Skidompha Library, built due to the passionate fundraising of children’s book author and resident Barbara Cooney.

One with nature

The community here is very connected to the outdoors, with the Damariscotta River Association (DRA)actively works to maintain the beauty and public accessibility of the 33+ miles of trails, open spaces, and islands under their care. The DRA also offers a spectrum of educational programs on topics including Mushroom Foraging, Oyster Gardening, and Wabanaki Living Skills and Culture. Pemaquid Beach, one of the cleanest beaches in Maine, is known for its fine, white “sugar sand,” a result of the last glacier. As if that’s not enough, its shores are groomed daily for an optimal beach-going experience.

Pumpkins reign supreme

Each October, the community rallies around its favorite fall fruit (hint: it doesn’t grow on a tree). During the Damariscotta Pumpkinfest, giddy spectators cheer on the daring folks who navigate the river in homemade pumpkin boats. For those less seaworthy, there is a parade, pumpkin weigh-off, pumpkin pie eating contest and loads of fun family events.

If the coast, beach, and river all beckon to you, we’d love to help you make them home. Contact us to start your Maine Real Estate search right here in Damariscotta.

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