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Presenting Our Real Estate Spotlight: “The New Normal?”

Read the newest volume of Real Estate Spotlight for our President Chris Lynch’s market analysis on whether we are finally entering a “new normal” for real estate, and also our latest extraordinary homes for sale in Maine.

Read the introduction from Chris’s opening letter below:

Are we ready to accept that the current Maine real estate market conditions are indicative of a ‘new normal?’ Is there actually a definition of normalcy that could be broadly applied and accepted or is it just a touchpoint along the up-cycle and then again for the down-cycle? My sense is that normal (‘old normal’) is a concept supporting near-perfect conditions with affordable mortgage rates, stable prices, supply/demand equilibrium, ample inventory, seasoned product with 30 +/- days on market, and consistent results with comparable sales to support pricing. At the moment, the only condition we still enjoy, at least for now, is historically attractive mortgage interest rates.

Click here to view the newest volume of Real Estate Spotlight.

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