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Simon Says – Is An Inspection Really Necessary?

Is An Inspection Really Necessary?

Question: We are buying our next-door neighbors’ condo. We’ve been neighbors and friends for years and I know that they have taken really good care of their unit; I am not at all concerned that there are any issues that will make a problem for us. My adult son says that I am really goofy and should have an inspection. Is it really necessary? I do not want to offend them by having it appear that we do not trust them. Opinion, please. AH

Answer: I am with your son on this one. Without question, buying any piece of real estate is a significant investment. This is not about your friendship; it is about being a careful and mindful consumer. I always tell my clients that there are things going on in and around our homes that we have no knowledge about, no matter how careful we are and how much maintenance we do. An inspection is the best way to ensure that there are no surprises for either the buyer or the seller in any transaction. In many ways, I think having the inspection does more to ensure the longevity of your friendship than not having one, it eliminates the possibility of my least favorite real-estate result: regret. RS