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Simon Says – Just How Much Do I Have To Do? 

Just How Much Do I Have To Do?

Question: Having read a lot of home-selling information online and in the newspapers, I am wondering: Just how much do I have to do? I am reading now about paying someone to come and stage my house. Stage it? Come on, this is not a Broadway show! Where does all this foolishness stop? NP

Answer: I certainly do have clients who have paid a professional to come and stage their homes: without question, it definitely makes the house more appealing. In this market, anything that you can do to make your home look better is a plus and can help with the process of getting it sold. Do you have to spend the money to get it staged? No, but it can make a difference. When clients ask me about staging, it is certainly something that we explore. It is absolutely not a “have to,” but it can make a real difference when you are marketing your house in an economic environment such as the one we are in. How well a property is priced and how good it looks can have a great deal of impact on time on the market. Of course, the decision about how much you want to do and spend to prepare your property for the market is an individual decision. I suggest you consult with your broker. Analyze data about how properties are selling in your price range. What is the competition like? How many days are similar homes staying on the market? How close to the asking price are they selling, etc. Looking at this data should give you the information that you need to make an educated and informed decision that is in your best interest. RS