Real Estate Agent

George began his real estate career in 1981. For more than 20 years, he managed 16+ brokers in a Camden location office while continuing to be a top producer throughout most of that time, enjoying the company and work ethic from his brokers who remained with him for so long. 'It was important that the chemistry in the office worked. It's like a culinary bouillabaisse - it's got to click.

George was a literature major in college, worked as a marine biologist and ornithologist, and then earned his masters at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. He worked as a professional forester in Maine and New Hampshire for four years before entering into real estate practice, and he's never looked back. 'I've found this job to be a wonderful blend of psychology, finances, organization, and knowledge - it's really not work for me, just a fluid puzzle of changing goals, all directed by the needs and wants of my clients.' He reflects 'I think I'm actually becoming part of the old guard in real estate after all these years,' he says, 'moderately wise, sufficiently competent, and of an honest and fair nature.' His real estate practice is further bolstered by the collaborative presence of his wife Jackie and son Lewis, both of whom work as real estate agents in the same office.

He raised his family in Camden, plays golf and tennis, and is delighted his two grown children with family have elected to return to Maine to live in the Camden area.

George Wheelwright

  • Real Estate Professional
46 Bayview St
Camden, ME 04843