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What if every client felt like the only client? Elise makes it a point to have her buyers, sellers and investors know that she provides a level of service unmatched in a crowded and competitive industry. She doesn't just close deals. She nurtures relationships. Her plan is not to expand her client base- she wants to deepen it.

Listing a home-or searching the listings-is not enough. For sellers, Elise identifies and targets the right buyers, invents compelling ways to grab their attention and shows each home to its best advantage. For buyers, she researches their entire target market-not just what's on sale-to find their dream home. And investors know she doesn't just see opportunities. She creates them.

Her experience as a real estate developer and investor, broker and former litigator has given her a powerful skill set-and make her as conversant in zoning codes as she is in negotiating contracts. Elise's clients benefit from these unique experiences and areas of expertise.

My real estate brokerage business is concentrated on:

Identifying, marketing and selling single-family homes, investment properties and condominiums in the greater Portland area.

Promoting sellers' interests by proactively and aggressively marketing homes, and actively seeking out buyers specifically targeted for those homes.

Representing buyers by canvassing the inventory of homes and land in their market, whether these homes are currently listed for sale or not.

Providing a level of professional expertise, personalized service and proven success that my clients' diverse needs and busy lives demand.

Elise Kiely

  • Real Estate Professional
2 City Center
Portland, ME 04101

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