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Patricia Lawson

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Pat's career in real estate began within days of her arrival in Maine from California. She accepted the challenge of building a now-flourishing rentals business for a local real estate agency, then moved on to selling real estate on a full-time basis.

Pat has lived in many different areas of the country-up and down the entire East Coast from Maine to Florida, over to South Texas, and out to Southern California. She brought with her experience in international procurement for the steel fabrication, automotive manufacturing and appliance manufacturing industries. The move to Maine was a welcome decision to join family and friends and finally put down roots on "the rockbound coast of Maine".

As a result of a background in business start-ups and turn-arounds, Pat brings to the practice of real estate considerable expertise in problem-solving and crisis management. And, since over the years she has picked up and moved wherever she was needed, she came to the profession fully versed in the intricacies of selling her own properties, buying new ones and learning the ropes in new parts of the country. She's an "expert" in relocating herself and, as a result, is a reliable resource on relocation for her clients.

Pat's hobbies include residential renovations, interior design and participation in local government. She lives with her husband on Bailey Island, Town of Harpswell, in Mid-Coast Maine.

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Patricia Lawson

141 Maine Street
Brunswick, Maine 04011 Estados Unidos