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Summer 2016

Maine Real Estate

Maine Real Estate Update – It was not all that long ago that we were managing a relative flood of prospective international buyers looking to purchase their dream vacation home or lock in an investment property with a weak US dollar when compared to their local currency. Read more:

A Safe Harbor In Stormy Seas – February 2016 E-Newsletter


Fall eNews

Maine Real Estate   Welcome to our summer e-Magazine Newsletter! Our loyal followers have grown to well over 40,000 subscribers in all 50 states and several countries around the world. It is humbling that you have chosen Legacy Properties Sotheby’s International Realty to be your eyes and ears for Maine Real Estate. Please click the image above or click here to view this issue.

Maine Coastal Market Report – 3rd Quarter 2015

As we approach our 10-year anniversary as a Maine Real Estate company, we are proud of the great accomplishments of our talented brokerage team.
We have established Legacy Properties Sotheby’s International Realty as Maine’s Leading Luxury Property Company. When working with buyers, we are uniquely qualified to provide the expertise across a wide range of communities and prices. Whether you are looking to buy or sell real estate in Maine, we have the agents to help you achieve your goals. Our analysis of the market is detailed throughout this report.
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Summer eNews



Welcome to our summer e-Magazine Newsletter! Our loyal followers have grown to well over 40,000 subscribers in all 50 states and several countries around the world. It is humbling that you have chosen Legacy Properties Sotheby’s International Realty to be your eyes and ears for Maine Real Estate.

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Maine Real Estate…as the Patriots go…

Maine Real Estate


As the Patriots go…

So goes the Maine real estate market! I am sure you would not be surprised to know that Maine Single Family home prices are perfectly correlated to the fortunes of the New England Patriots Super Bowl performance since the turn of the 21st century. If you live in New England, it seems like an obvious predictor of market movements. Read more…

Maine Real Estate – “Price Makers” Drive Transitional Market in Maine

20 & 10 Cricket Lane, Rockport, ME | $1,100,000

A Qualitative Look at the Maine Real Estate Market


I want to personally thank you for taking the time to read our Maine Real Estate Newsletter. You, and more than 26,000 others share a passion for the Maine lifestyle and the real estate market commentary we produce. Historically, I have approached our market overview from a technical perspective, weighing data from many different sources which factor into the decision to buy and sell real estate. Given the many conversations I have had with buyers, sellers, and agents in recent months, I think it is worthwhile to simply share my thoughts related to managing a Transitional market environment.

Transition is very difficult for market participants in any type of market. Whether it is stocks, bonds, gold, currencies, commodities, and/or real estate, it is helpful to know if you are a “Price Maker” or a “Price Taker.” While each market has to have both parties at the negotiating table, it is crystal clear that everyone wants to be a “Price Maker.”  It is, however, becoming increasingly obvious that you, as the market participant, do not always get to make that choice. The choice is almost exclusively driven by the market Supply and Demand dynamics in which you participate.

A very brief history will help develop a perspective to guide us into the present. From 2001 – 2007, the Home Seller was the “Price Maker” who could lean into a rising market with an aggressive (high) listing price and be greeted by a broad field of enthusiastic “Price Takers.” The Takers were comforted with the knowledge that fast moving price increases would protect them in the long run.  I view 2008 – 2009 as other most recent period of Transition characterized by lower liquidity and a disconnect between the Makers and the Takers. It was a time of price discovery in a new world of financial market panic. Government Stimulus programs from  2009 – 2010, such as the FIRST TIME HOME BUYER TAX CREDIT, gave an artificial zing to the lower priced properties nationwide leaving a void of REAL market value buyers in its aftermath.

Maine is fortunate to have two good solid years of home sale increases in terms of unit volume (33% since 2011) creating a base from which to build. Sold Prices, on the other hand, have been stubborn and very slow to move higher (only 6% since 2011) despite the otherwise improving local, regional and national fundamentals.

Fast forward to February 2014 with the spring market just a month away, Maine home owners have been adding new listings (2,555) at a pace 250% more quickly than homes are selling (1,095). I suspect, given our pipeline of fantastic new listings, that we are going to see a large surge in new listings in all categories. Much of the expected listing boom is seasonal, but I also see a large cadre of sellers who have been waiting for the market conditions to improve since 2008. It appears that time is now as I think we all agree that it is safe to get back into the market to list your home in 2014.

The buyers, at the moment, are restless and malcontent with a lack of broad based, market priced inventory. It has been many years since we have felt that we have more buyers than sellers for quality properties at quality prices. Like the patient Maine sellers, the buyers have also been patient and in wait for the new surge of quality inventory to hit the market. We are at the Transition Point with buyers and sellers ready and willing to enter the market this spring. Sounds GREAT, doesn’t it?

The important thing to remember about Transition is that it will lead to inevitable conflict between the parties. The sellers think, and rightly so, they are the “Price Maker” with a fabulous, unique asset to sell.  The buyers think, and rightly so, that they are the “Price Maker” with cash, liquidity, and chasing a market that has not allowed prices to rise much. So brace yourselves for what is looking to be a clash of the ready, willing, and able market participants. We will see more multiple offer situations this year, but our crystal ball will also be clouded with homes that have been on the market for a year or more without any activity. It appears this period of consolidation and transition will be good for the market as a whole. But keep in mind, market Transitions are not uniform in scale, direction, location or pace.  Fair to say the market has improved significantly, but it has yet to shine its light on all towns and all pricepoints.

I would encourage all participants to show their hands a bit more and your desire to Buy or Sell clear to the other party. Do not play negotiations so close to the vest that no one really understands your goals. There are going to be some incredible properties coming to the market this year. If you want to sell this year, make sure that your home offers the best value in its price range. If you are ready to buy, you are going to have to be on your toes to be a “Price Maker” in a significantly more competitive residential property market.


Maine Listings is the source of data, its accuracy cannot be guaranteed.



Legacy Properties Sotheby’s International Realty is proud to announce the addition of a brand new, market leading search functionality to This innovative product allows our clients to search the complete Maine Real Estate market utilizing an incredibly easy to use and powerful map search technology. Easily input your search criteria and our custom Google map allows you to instantly see changes to your results. You can zoom in, pan around, and see exactly where your property is located. You are even able to draw a custom polygon on the map and restrict your search to a specified area!


Try our new search for yourself: Make sure to easily set up an email alert so that when new properties come on the market you are instantly notified. We think you will find that this new technology is the easiest, fastest, and most user-friendly real estate search around!


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We are also very pleased to introduce our new mobile site. When you visit via your phone, tablet, or other mobile device you are now presented with a mobile-optimized site which easily allows access to all of the same in depth search functionality that our main site offers. You can quickly access all of the properties near your current location via a GPS based search, easily see all of them on a map, maintain favorite properties, and quickly connect with an agent for any questions. Our new mobile site is the perfect way to stay connected to the Maine Real Estate market!



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Making Moving Transitions Simple


Are you thinking of moving, but are overwhelmed by the thought of clearing out your home and putting it on the market? You are not alone! Did you know moving is the 2nd most stressful event in someone’s life? Add 30 years of family memories and loads of accumulated “stuff” and the monumental task becomes unbearable.

  • What: “Making Moving Transitions Simple”
  • When: March 26th from 4:30-6:30
  • Where: Woodlands Club in Falmouth 

Kim and Liz from SimplySized Home will break down the moving process for you, putting your moving anxieties to rest. The workshop will be highly interactive and provide resources for participants that will be extremely valuable for anyone who is planning to make a move soon, to list their home, to downsize or rightsize. 



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Unless otherwise specified, all Maine real estate statistics were compiled using Maine Listings data.  There is no guarantee of the accuracy and completeness of the data.

Where (Oh Where) has the “Middle Market” Gone

Where (Oh Where) has the “Middle Market” Gone?

Maine real estate continues to show very strong year-over-year volume growth numbers. The Maine Association of Realtors most recently reported a 25% increase in sales volume for the month of September which is more than double that reported at the national level over the same time period. Half of the homes in Maine sold for $173,000 or less compared to a northeast median sale price of $240,900 (39% higher) reflective of a long standing pattern of lower priced housing stock in Maine. Improvement in median pricing in the past year is lackluster with low single-digit gains for both Maine and the northeast region which is lagging the national data.

We see the “Middle Market” real estate as a segment that clearly has soon room for improved fundamentals given the emergence of Maine as a national and international lifestyle destination. I am not sure a definition for “Middle Market” homes in Maine exists. Maine is such a large state geographically, further complicated by a very high concentration of population centers in the southern and coastal communities. At Legacy Properties Sotheby’s International Realty, our expertise is primarily associated with coastal communities from York County through Hancock County including Cumberland, Sagadahoc, Lincoln, Waldo and Knox Counties. Although we do provide services to many other parts of the state as well.  While there are many methodologies which could be employed, we are going to define the “Middle Market” as the broad price point segment between the active liquid real estate segment ($500,000 and lower) and the waterfront/luxury segment ($1 million and higher). This “Middle Market” segment consists of homes valued from $500,000 to $1 million. While it is actually quite a small part of the overall Maine  real estate market, it is a critical element for so many of our buyer and seller clients and, therefore worthy of consideration.

There are 526 homes (and an additional 114 pending) which have sold in 2013 (YTD) between $500,000 and $1 million. There is a high correlation to coastal communities and southern Maine. “Middle Market” sales in York County and Cumberland County accounted for nearly 75% of the unit volume statewide. Even within these counties there are high concentrations of sales in a handful of towns with the most activity being in Portland and its suburbs of Cape Elizabeth, Falmouth, Yarmouth, Cumberland and Scarborough. York, Kittery and the Kennebunks were the beneficiaries of more than 60% of the “Middle Market” sales in York County. In addition to the coastal element, all of the above towns have close proximity to the economic centers of Maine, Massachusetts and/or New Hampshire. There is also a very high correlation to highly ranked public school systems, town services, infrastructure, cultural and outdoor amenities. Needless to say, the size of the community is a key indicator as well. For example, Camden Maine, with less than 6,000 residents, shares many of the attributes to support strong “Middle Market” activity despite being 30% +/- smaller than other cited communities.

Given the relatively small number of buyers in this broadly defined category, it can be more difficult and volatile with respect to pricing, and much more difficult to come to decisively similar comparable homes. After considering the location, the age of the home, design, maintenance and unique attributes (acreage, water views, marsh views, privacy), it often becomes a series of unique uncorrelated events between a single buyer and seller. While there are a dozen neighborhoods which are reasonably well defined and can be held to a mathematical standard of analysis, they are far and few between.

The “Middle Market” peaked in 2005 with sales reaching 820 units statewide. There was a decline of more than 50% from the peak to trough sales in 2009 with less than 400 homes sold. Despite significant improvements in overall market conditions, the “Middle Market” will likely only realize sales slightly above 600 units in 2013. We remain confident this relatively small but vitally important segment of the market will continue to show gains in coming months and years. It will be driven by both the national economy and the incredible lifestyle real estate values offered in Maine. The expansion in telecommuting will be a stable feeder of new Mainers looking for access to the many incredible and easily accessible arts, culture, outdoor and culinary offerings.

As for the market today, it will be a bit more of the same as the upturn in the “Middle Market” is not likely to be dramatic, but we believe it will be steady. It will require the ongoing patience of sellers recognizing there are only a handful of buyers in any given market at any particular point in time.    Conversely, for buyers, it remains a market with a supply/demand imbalance. The supply of beautiful, well-built and well-located homes priced between $500,000 and $1 million, is well in excess of the number of buyers. This imbalance creates opportunities, that have long since dried up in other market sectors, for buyers to find a fantastic home at what will likely be considered a very good long term value.

Maine Listings is the source of data, its accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

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Objective, Perspective & Consequence

– Competitive Pricing –

Whether you are John Q. Public, the CEO of a Fortune 500 Company, an investment banker, a world economist, or a Phi Beta Kappa graduate, it is difficult to be objective about your own property. The accurate fair market value of a property can only be determined by using objective criteria.

A seller may assume they can anticipate what a buyer’s perspective may be. In reality, this is difficult to do, since the seller and buyer have very different perspectives.

Today’s buyer is sophisticated. With access to data on sold and competing properties, many buyers have done their own market analysis of comparable properties prior to scheduling a showing. They are able to judge and bracket value. Their estimate of “current fair market value” may even be more accurate than last quarter’s bank appraisal.

Buyers pay attention to competitively priced properties. And cooperating agents focus their efforts where they anticipate there will be a sale. When the distance between listing and selling price is more than 10 or 12 percent, it is hard to get the attention of buyers and agents alike. They may not have time to inspect all properties in their price range, and so will limit their search to those that are the most competitively priced.

There are consequences to every action. A positive consequence of pricing a property competitively is that the property sells.

George Ballantyne is a Senior Vice President with Legacy Properties Sotheby’s International Realty specializing is High Value and Hard to Value Maine Real Estate


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Unless otherwise specified, all Maine real estate statistics were compiled using Maine Listings data.  There is no guarantee of the accuracy and completeness of the data.

Wringing Out the Risk – Maine Real Estate

If we believe “what goes up, must come down” then it stands to reason that the inverse should also be true.  Although one has to think gravitational pull makes the former apply to many more circumstances, it seems to be the case with the widespread recovery in many of the most economically sensitive assets.  When it comes to US and Global economic conditions, we have weathered a historic downdraft which is working back to a more healthy equilibrium.  Evidence abounds when looking at several indicators that the fear of economic collapse has subsided.  Interest rates have moved significantly higher in recent weeks into a backdrop of increasing consumer confidence, lower Gold prices, and higher oil and gasoline prices.  Each of the above are classic signals the market is expecting ongoing improvements and is now joined by the Federal Reserve readying to pull back the throttle on its stimulative economic levers.

The National real estate statistics have been very strong in recent months with double digit gains in both Unit Volume and Median Sale Price for single family homes.  The Northeast Region has posted comparable Unit Volume increases but somewhat weaker prices by comparison.  The Maine economy and real estate market are very closely tied to general economic conditions in the Northeast and, to a lesser extent, national economic conditions.  Our second home buyers and sellers from out of state are most often coming to/from primary residences in Massachusetts, New York and Connecticut.

The Maine real estate market has been improving steadily for more than 2-years.  While the improvement is not uniform in terms of sales volume, prices and all geographic locations, the evidence is clear we are well along the path to a significant recovery.  It is also important to note that Maine had a very strong 2012 recovery which can create misleading results when only looking at year over year numbers.  For example, there were 1,334 single family homes sold in June in Maine, this represented a 6 ½% improvement versus last year, however when looking at the 2-year performance we find sales have grown 32% since June 2011.  In fact, we are back to 2007 sales volume numbers, but still well shy of the 2006 peak.

Home sale price movements tend to lag changes in the demand for homes as measured by unit sales volume.  Maine just reported a June median Sale Price of $184,000.  While median sales prices can be somewhat volatile given the relatively small market in which we operate, our current report is consistent with the increasing price environment in June 2004 and again in 2008 on the way back down.  The highest reported median home sale price was $202,280 in April of 2007, which is only about 10% below the current release.

Chart courtesy of Yahoo Finance

Interest Rates – It was just about a year ago that the 10-year US Treasury note was yielding 1.40%; it now yields more than 2.60%.  It comes as no surprise that the 30-year Conventional Mortgage rates have climbed a commensurate amount.  Gold, another classic safe haven asset has declined 17 % in the past year and more than 25% from its historic highs confirming the markets belief that we are in more calm economic waters.  The sudden rise in interest rates seems to have again brought some of the more tentative buyers off the sidelines to take advantage of the very attractive mortgage interest rates  while they are still available.  I have heard some voice concern that significantly higher rates can/will hurt the housing recovery.  While we all know this to be true in an absolute sense, the current rate environment is so very attractive that we should be able to sustain a substantially higher rate environment with little or no impact on housing recovery. It was not very long ago when 6% 30-year fixed rate mortgage seemed very attractive.

We remain confident with respect to the Maine Real Estate Market that the recovery will continue on track with a steady healthy improvement in both unit sales volume and median sale prices! And while not scientifically accurate, “what goes down, will go up!”


Maine Listings is the source of data, its accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

Legacy’s Legacy: “Giving Back to Maine” 

Legacy’s Legacy is an agent funded charitable group within our company. We are very pleased to have nearly 100% of our agents contribute a donation from each and every closing. Their generosity has allowed us to sponsor 3 significant events this year already. We sponsored Share Our Strength’s “Taste of the Nation” Event at Wolf Neck Farm in Freeport in June. The proceeds from this fantastic culinary event are exclusively dedicated to feeding hungry children in Maine. For the 3rd consecutive year, we are “Strength Sponsors” for the Maine Cancer Foundation’s “Tri for a Cure” women’s Triathlon. There were more than 1,000 participants registered to participate in the extraordinarily impressive athletic and fundraising event. And a special thanks to our agents who volunteered to work the event as well!

This year marks the beginning of a new and developing relationship with Habitat for Humanity as well. Thanks to the support of our clients and our continued growth, we have added this globally recognized non-profit organization to our list. Habitat and its housing mission is a great fit for Legacy Properties Sotheby’s International Realty. We recently hosted an event in Southwest Harbor highlighting Habitat for Humanity and their many initiatives in Maine. Steve Thomas, former host of “This Old House” and “Renovation Nation” was our guest speaker and Master of Ceremonies. Needless to say, a good time was had by all!


Legacy Properties Sotheby’s International Realty
Opens Damariscotta Office 

We are pleased to announce we have opened a new office at 170 Main Street in Damariscotta. We are already up and running with 5 full-time agents on site. The welcome has been overwhelming and very exciting as we extend the Sotheby’s International Realty brand into this beautiful territory for Maine real estate. This location will provide us better access to Bristol, South Bristol, Christmas Cove, Round Pond, Damariscotta Lake, Bremen and the Boothbay Peninsula.

Please join me in welcoming our agents to our latest venture.

F E A T U R E D   C U R R E N T   L I S T I N G S


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Unless otherwise specified, all Maine real estate statistics were compiled using Maine Listings data.  There is no guarantee of the accuracy and completeness of the data.

A Market in Transition – Maine Real Estate

Dear Friends,

One cannot pick up a newspaper, read a blog or watch a television news program without hearing about the strength of the real estate recovery nationwide.  The National Association of Realtors reported a 9.1% increase in units sold in March compared to a year ago.  A more encouraging sign was a strong 12.1% improvement in the national median sales price to $185,100.  We have seen a consistent trend towards increased volume in recent months, but prices have been considerably more stubborn on the way up than they were on the way down.

The Northeast Region, which enjoys a significantly higher median home sale price of $237,000, experienced an annual price increase of 3% versus March of 2012.  Unit volume grew at a more sustainable rate of 6.8%.  These broad market numbers do not tell the whole story.  We are hearing from our Sotheby’s International Realty counterparts, in the Greater Boston area and surrounding suburbs, that business is booming.  They are reporting there has been a clear shift from the “Buyers Market” of the past several years to the early stages of a “Sellers Market.”  We are hearing about inventory shortages and bidding wars for homes that may have sat on the market for a year or more in 2010.  The trend is more than anecdotal as we enter the peak of the spring market.

Maine feels the benefits when the rest of the country is doing well.  Our real estate market is particularly closely tied to the New England states with Massachusetts and Connecticut leading the way as a feeder market for both primary and summer vacation homes.  The Maine Association of Realtors reported  a year over year gain of more than 8% in single family unit sales combined with a 6.25% increase in the median home sale price for March.

While we seem to be heading into a market with more froth and activity around new “well priced” listings, the shifting trends are not uniform.  Not every Maine market has felt the impact of the general market recovery.  But evidence abounds in both the aggregate numbers and selected areas.  I look at “Pending Home Sales” as the best snapshot of what is actually happening today as sold data sadly lags more than 60 days from when a transaction is consummated.  As evidence, review the “Pending” data in the chart below which highlights a 21% increase in “Pending” properties from March 2012 to March 2013. It is even more interesting to note that it exceeds peak 2006 levels.  It is clear evidence that the market in 2013 is enjoying a significant boost in buyer activity and confidence.

Along with this activity there is a growing sense of fear on the part of the buyer that the market is slipping away from their grip.  While it may selectively seem that way, there are still plenty of terrific buying opportunities out there.  It may just be a bit more crowded at the offering table.  As sellers had to adjust their expectations for many recent years, the buyers are going to have to have strong representation and an aggressive acquisition strategy to secure the best new listings as they come to market.

In Maine, there are four trends at work, all moving simultaneously but at different speeds, which define the spread of the recovering real estate market conditions.  The pattern should advance as follows:

  • Areas of High Density and Population will lead when compared to more Rural areas
  • Strength moves from the South to the North and
  • From the Eastern Atlantic Coastline to the Western Lakes, Mountains and Farms
  • Homes offering best relative value will sell quickly while overpriced properties may not sell without a price adjustment

We were very clear in our definition of a “Buyers Market” which is an extended period fueled by declining demand, shrinking unit volume sales, overwhelming inventory, and most significantly declining prices.  While I recognize that many will not agree with me (surprise!?), it seems clear to me that we are in the “early stages” of a “Sellers Market” driven by an improvement in all of the aforementioned factors.  And while both prices and sales volumes are increasing, we are still a long way from the market peak 7 years ago.  The only factor with which we cannot yet be comfortable  is the “extended period” of time.  Suffice to say the trend this spring is moving to the side of the seller with a quality property at a current market price.  At the moment, I do not see this strengthening trend threatened for some period of time.

With the above criteria, it is no surprise that York County was the only Maine county to achieve double digit improvements in both Median Sale Price (11%) and Unit Sales Volume (16%) for single family homes over the past 12 months.  Maine has a heavy reliance on buyers coming from out of state, particularly when it comes to summer homes, ski condos or just a second home getaway from the hustle and bustle.  The significant improvements in real estate activity in Massachusetts, Connecticut,  New York,  New Jersey and Washington DC have been a pivotal part of the recovery in Maine.

In closing, we want to let our families, friends, colleagues and clients in Massachusetts know that our thoughts are with them.  We have a special kindred spirit and connection with so many in the Greater Boston area.  We know the physical and emotional impact of such a tragedy can stay with you forever, but we are so proud of the incredible resources and personal strength that so many brought to Boston in its time of need.  Please know we at Legacy Properties Sotheby’s International Realty are here for you, as are many, many other Mainers.



  Maine Listings is the source of data, its accuracy cannot be guaranteed.


Maine Real Estate -- 108 Camden Road, Lincolnville, ME

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F E A T U R E D   R E N T A L S  

Legacy Properties Sotheby’s International Realty is pleased to welcome Janet Moore and Carroll Fernald as Senior Vice Presidents to our team!  Both Carroll and Jan are well known and well respected for their real estate expertise in the Mount Desert Island markets.  They specialize in high value property sales in Hancock County along with Marc Perry, former town assessor for the Town of Bar Harbor, and Christina Deetjen based in Blue Hill.  Their addition gives us the critical mass and Local Expertise to service this terrific Maine location.

A 30-year resident of Mount Desert Island, Carroll Fernald has been practicing real estate for more than 15 years.  She holds several real estate designations including Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR), Certified Residential Specialist (CRS), and a designation from the Graduate Realtor Institute (GRI).  Carroll’s background in marketing and design has been a great asset for her buyer and selling clients.

A real estate veteran with 30-years experience as a top producing agent in the Mount Desert Island communities, Jan Moore has extensive experience in all aspects of real estate.  Trained as a licensed appraiser, Jan expanded her real estate career as a broker, owner, vacation rental business partner, and luxury coastal property specialist.  She holds several real estate designations including Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR), Certified Residential Specialist (CRS), and a designation from the Graduate Realtor Institute (GRI).  Jan’s experience and professionalism makes her a perfect choice for representing either buyers or sellers in a Maine real estate transaction.

Carroll’s extensive involvement in leadership positions in Maine real estate has included roles as President of Acadia Council of Realtors, Director of Maine Association of Realtors and Mid-Coast Board of Realtors, and the legislative committee of Maine Association of Realtors.  She has been recognized by her peers with several awards.  Carroll was named Acadia Council Realtor of the year for both 2007 and 2012.  Most recently she was named “REALTOR of the YEAR – 2012” for the State of Maine.

Jan has been extensively involved in the local community.  She is currently on the Board of Directors for the Seal Harbor Library and a Director of the Mount Desert Nursing Association.  She is also an active member of Seal Harbor Yacht Club, Kinfolk Paddle Tennis, and The Causeway Club.  Jan shares a deep affection, along with her friends and clients, for the natural beauty and endless outdoor opportunities available on Mount Desert Island.

The “Local” nature of real estate and the vast statewide, regional, national and international resources available to agents of Legacy Properties Sotheby’s International Realty make for a perfect combination for our clients.  Marc, Jan, Carroll and Christina offer our clients a unique perspective from Maine Leading Luxury Property Company.  We are very pleased to have such a terrific team of professionals servicing this important market for Maine Real Estate.


– The Real World –
Observations from 2500 Listings and/or Sale
 Effective Pricing – Revisited  

* Very few properties sell Below market value.

* Very few properties sell Below market value.

* Buyers compete for competitively priced properties.  It is more likely buyers will bid over listing price to secure a desirable property than submit an offer on a listing deemed to be above market value.

* Buyers tend to want what other Buyers want.  When you price a property competitively, you do not need to leave room for much negotiation.

* Overpriced listings tend to invite Underpriced offers.

* Explain the pricing rationale to satisfy a neutral third party.  This is more likely to generate an acceptable offer that a priced based on “Non-Market” related factors such as replacement cost, insurance appraisal, town assessment, outstanding mortgage balance or cost basis.

* Buyers do not value the sellers personal emotional history or attachment to a property.  They are looking to create their own, but they are starting anew with a “zero” value placed on its past.

* What a seller “Need to Net” or a “Buyer Can Afford to Pay” are not measures of Market Value.

* Very few properties sell Above market value.


George Ballantyne is a Senior Vice President with Legacy Properties Sotheby’s International Realty specializing is High Value and Hard to Value Maine Real Estate

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